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Friends and rewards

I’ve just finished writing a close to 5,000-word paper for my MA program. In a week. While working full time. That’s right. I’m bad. Bad. Bad. Really. Really Bad. Now I’m in “reward mode.” It kicked in Friday afternoon with … Continue reading

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No matter what happens…

…remember to breathe.:-)

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TOI: All about real yoga

In respect of understanding what is yoga, people make two common mistakes. Most people think that yoga means only asanas or physical postures. It’s that and more. The Times of India has an in-depth article on yoga and how it’s … Continue reading

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Ahimsa and ‘innerahimsa

If you’re hard on yourself, perhaps it’s time to examine and rethink the concept of ahimsa. Patanjali divides the yamas, the first limb of the yogic path, into five parts: ahimsa: non-violence satya: truth asteya: non-stealing brahmacarya: continence aparigraha: non-coveting … Continue reading

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