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Just in case you need a reminder

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Video: Should yogi/nis always be ‘nice’?

Should yoga be considered a practice of passivity? (The sound is out of sync a bit. I have no idea why.)

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Back to basics: Hello Filofax

Even before this article came out, I’d said “enough.” Enough with juggling three different devices – an iPhone, an iPad and a Blackberry, with three different calendars – Google Calendar, Mobile Me (leave me alone, I had a weak moment) … Continue reading

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Championship yoga: Now that’s an oxymoron

I normally try not to hate on anyone who wants to publicize the benefits of yoga. Too many people believe that it’s only for skinny hippies in tie-dyed shirts. On the other hand, there are yoga purists out there who … Continue reading

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Note to self: If you carry anything Elvis related through any section of Europe…

  … add 30 minutes to your journey. You will attract every woman over the age of 65 who wants to a) share the memories that said Elvis item stirs; and b) drool over said Elvis item. If you’re wearing … Continue reading

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