Time for a negative news fast?

Zite screenshot

Zite screenshot

Negativity abounds. I’m not sure if it’s because of the holidays or just folks’ life situations in general. In some cases, I have absolutely no control over the situation. In others, I find that I can take small steps to change the energy around me. The first step perhaps is what I read in the morning.

In the past few days I’ve opened a paper or an app on my iPad and read about:

  • A woman being burned alive in an elevator
  • A women being crushed between two floors in an elevator
  • A child choking to death on food in a school cafeteria
  • Clashes in Egypt
  • Britney Spears’ engagement ring

…and a host of other stories that have done nothing to feed my soul.

I came to this conclusion last week as I was waiting on the train to work. I was perusing the latest in 20min and thinking “Is this really how I want to start my day?”.

Zite has been my go-to option for avoiding sensational stories, but it’s still learning my preferences.

I start my day reading news. I have to. I’m an addict.:-) But what if I started my day reading only positive and uplifting stories? Our minds are cultivated by what we feed them. Maybe it’s time to check my diet.

By making a concerted effort to avoid digesting doom and gloom, will I change the air around me? Or will I run the risk of becoming an ignorant Pollyanna, woefully unaware of my world?

I’m willing to give it a shot.

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