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Kofi Busia:

As some of you know, I’m a big admirer of yoga teacher and thinker Kofi Busia. From his thoughts on real (emphasis mine) ‘power yoga’ to his translation of the Yoga Sutras, Mr Busia has made his mark as a … Continue reading

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Findings: 18 Oct 2012

“Yogashala” iPad skin by Justine Aldersey-Williams I love supporting talented folks living their dreams! The iPad skin arrived in the post today and I’m ->this close<- to ordering the laptop version for Babette (my Macbook…the iPad is “Claudette”). Here’s Justine’s site. … Continue reading

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Findings: 26 Sept 2012

I haven’t posted much. I haven’t had anything to say. And that’s fine. But here are a few things I’ve found along the way… Derek Beres and his EarthRise Soundsystem are the ‘musification’ of what I’d love my yoga to … Continue reading

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To Bali and back – a few pics

I was in Bali for two weeks. I returned last weekend. Still coming down from the high. And still unpacking. During the first week I attended Lance Schuler’s yoga workshop in Padangbai. For the second, I hung out in Ubud … Continue reading

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Adam Yauch and his Buddhist path

The raspy-voiced Beastie Boy passed away yesterday. Here’s a 1994 interview with Yauch from Tricycle Magazine about his path to Buddhism. And from the NYT: Mr. Yauch (pronounced yowk) was a major factor in the Beastie Boys’ evolution from their … Continue reading

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