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Surya Namaskar a la Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha

I have absolutely no clue what the “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha” is, but this version of Surya Namaskar has a strong chance of becoming part of my morning routine (if I can get up early enough). Scroll to 1:55 to see … Continue reading

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Avidya and my tubes of fear balm

“Finally there is abhinivesa, fear. This is perhaps the most secret aspect of avidya and its expression is found in many levels of our everyday life. We feel uncertain. We have doubt about our position in life. We are afraid … Continue reading

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Championship yoga: Now that’s an oxymoron

I normally try not to hate on anyone who wants to publicize the benefits of yoga. Too many people believe that it’s only for skinny hippies in tie-dyed shirts. On the other hand, there are yoga purists out there who … Continue reading

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Blacks in yoga an oxymoron? Depends on what you call “yoga”

Nadine McNeil has a beautiful article on Elephant Journal asking “Is yoga for people of color an oxymoron?”. She relates the various discussion sessions that occurred during the recently ended Yoga Journal conference in New York: “I’m tired of going … Continue reading

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Do you have crabs?

“The mind becomes purified by cultivating friendships with contented people, by being kind and compassionate to the sad and fearful, by being indifferent to the ill-intentioned, and by being accommodating to the well meaning.” – Chapter 1, Verse 33,  The … Continue reading

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